January 31, 2006

Rockin' til the sun goes down

This is one of my favorite covers ever. Not the very best, but it's like going from one end of the spectrum to the other and still keeping the "cool".

MP3 - Lemar - I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Rapidshare link, you know the drill, click, wait, download, enjoy.

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January 29, 2006

Don't let me walk away

If I'm going to post a song, I'd like to be able to write more than this.

If I'm going to post a song, I'd rather not post it at 3:08 AM on a Saturday evening (Sunday morning), after a long week and a longer weekend, and a troublesome night of drinking and lamenting.

But this is a song I've been meaning to share for months and months, and there's really not much I can say about it that you won't feel after hearing it more than once.

This song was made to be the last thing you hear before falling asleep. It was written to conclude a night, or an album, or whatever. Enjoy.

M4A - Ben Folds - Emaline

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January 22, 2006

Let's Replace the Cityscapes

Contained in this here blog entry is perhaps the greatest cereal inspired song of all time. At least I'm telling myself it's cereal-inspired. Cuz that would be awesome.

Early morning nutrition aside, I dare you to walk around and not be singing the tune of Applejack by an Aussie group called the Triangles. There's something great about the whole chorus style aspect of the song. It's happy enough that it will even combat Seasonal Affected Disorder.*

Second song is a nice tranquil piece that is quite relaxing and kind of reminds me of some early Rod Stewart (pre-If Ya Think I'm Sexy). And that's a good thing.

They have a few songs available for download on their website, including the bitchingest cover of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" ever. Poke around and think about picking up their album, Magic Johnson.

The Triangles - Applejack
The Triangles - Let's Replace the Cityscapes

*Not proven in any way shape or form.

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January 21, 2006

Anytime, anyway

MP3 Air - Playground Love

This song is constructed like a vibrant dream. I usually listen to music like this, of the relaxing, laid back variety, late in the night with headphones, but you haven't heard this song until you've heard it with surround speakers. It wraps itself around you. It encompasses you.

I suppose it's supposed to be a love song, but most everything Air does has this uncertain creepy vibe to it. Once you deal with the shock of that, it's really very intriguing.

Most appropriately, this song was made for winter. It leaves you feeling numb, so bundle up.

And for a little bit of contrast, I'll throw in the sunniest song ever composed.

MP3 The Sundays - Summertime

View the lyrics to "Playground Love" here.
View the lyrics to "Summertime" here.
Visit The Sundays' unofficial homepage here.

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January 18, 2006

Throw Your Arms Around Me

I really do hate to be redundant, but you'll have to trust me on this one. I very much wanted to write up a post this evening but fell short on song ideas because THIS SONG and different variations on it was about the only thing I listened to all day. In these instances of extreme circumstance it may be more benficial to go with the flow. Don't fight your instincts, baby. That's something you have to learn.

MP3 - Bloc Party - This Modern Love

More Bloc Party, as they're still my current kick. I'll try and spice things up by adding in the obligatory remix (off of the appropriately named Silent Alarm Remixed) done by two gentlemen named Dave P. and Adam Sparkles and a very interesting cover by Toronto's Final Fantasy, featuring looped violin samples and drums. You should really head on over to Copy, Right? and take a look at the video if you enjoy the song.

MP3 - Bloc Party - This Modern Love (Dave P. & Adam Sparkles' Making Time Remix)
MP3 - Final Fantasy - This Modern Love

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January 16, 2006

Bastard Child of Guilt and Shame

MP3 - Bloc Party - Helicopter

"Helicopter" is the kind of song that you hear once or twice on MTV2 while flipping through your cable channels desperately seeking another episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit". And though it may not have seemed as enjoyable as the dynamic chemistry displayed by the tandem of Richard Belzer and Ice-T, you probably muttered to yourself "oh, that's nice, a rock song."

Then there it is again, perhaps weeks later, filling out the tail end of "The Tonight Show". "Oh my," you ask yourself, "what is this from? How... How is this happening?" But before your brain is able to piece together the frazzled neurons you so desperately seek, the moment is over. "Hey great job fellas!" says Jay, and you think to yourself, "why yes Mr. Leno... I agree."

And before you know it, it encompasses your every thought. You sing it everywhere you go. It finds its way onto every mix CD you burn. You put a copy on all 4 of your iPods. You're missing work and class just so that you can spend more time with Helicopter. You pawn off your Playstation 2 so that you can buy the new Silent Alarm Remix album.

I was driving home from a late practice one night when this song came on my mix CD. About two minutes into it I looked down and realized that I was so pumped up I was doing 70 in a 35. Any song that inspires such a reckless disregard for the law has to be special.

My obsession with the song has been prolonged in part due to a number of really good remixes that add a different spin to an already great song.

MP3 - Bloc Party - Helicopter (Whitey Version)

This version comes from the remix album of Bloc Party's Silent Alarm. It's a more raw and stripped down approach, and it may even be catchier than the original.

MP3 - Bloc Party - Helicopter (Allen Santa Monica Mix)

The antithesis of the original, this remix transforms the song into a relaxing laid back walk along the beach. It's an entirely different song, but just as good.

MP3 - Bloc Party - Helicopter (Allen Breakneck Mix)

This mix finds a way to kick the song up a notch by speeding up the drum beat and giving it an electronic feel.

MP3 - Bloc Party - Helicopter (Diplo Mix)

This takes the electronic feel to the next level and morphs it into a techno song. Which means it's probably much easier to dance to. Give it a try.

These are all rapidshare links which means they take a few seconds to get to, but they'll be up for at least a month. Of course, you can also get these files by using the Gmail account.

Visit the official site of the band here.
Buy the band's 2005 album Silent Alarm here
View the lyrics to "Helicopter" here.

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January 2, 2006


Dim Mak Records has hosted acts ranging from the up and coming Warp Records vehicle Battles to the recent smash Bloc Party album, Silent Alarm. I took a quick dig through their albums from a couple years back to find my first Stompio post. I ended up choosing a short 7 tracker from a trio named From Monument to Masses to whet your whistle for albums to come.

[Album] From Monument to Masses - The Impossible Leap in 100 Simple steps

When the yousendit explodes, you can grab it at your local internets, eMusic and iTunes.

This isn't brand new, so you will NOT be seeing it on your latest mp3blogroll. This album comes from 2003 when the events of the WTC attacks were still fresh in the minds of the world. It deserves to be listened to straight through, IMO any good album does. They take a cue from the El Ten Elevens of the world and go into the game with Godspeed sneakers. They include the minimal track of rapping which few have the balls or the chops to do anymore. How sad. Happy!

If you like this album, you can, in true Dim Mak fashion, pick up the remix album Schools Of Thought Contend, which JUST hit the streets.

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