November 29, 2005

Another Sunny Day

Yowzah. This song couldn't have been leaked for more than a few hours before the entire internet heard about it. It really is quite wonderful. Head on over to one of these fine (and more 'on the ball') blogs to download "Another Sunny Day", a brand new song from Belle & Sebastian's soon to be released The Life Pursuit.

You Ain't No Picasso
gorilla vs. bear
The Music Slut
The Rawking Refuses To Stop
Green Pea-ness

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It's too late to quit

MP3The Clientele - E.M.P.T.Y.

This song is as delicious as a ham sandwich, and there's no doubt that the best part is the meaty violin laced center that does anything but overstay its welcome. But I'm a sucker for a good string part and anything British, so have yourself a listen and create your own food-related metaphor.

The Clientele hail from merry old England and have been around since you were going through your "awkward" stage. But you grew up and so did they. Their third and latest album Strange Geometry is out now on Merge Records, proud home of about a dozen other much-blogged-about bands that you should really familiarize yourself with if you ever want the respect of your peers and co-workers. The trio (or their publicist) describes their latest work as "dreamy folk-pop, shimmering psych guitars and string arrangements by Louis Philippe," and who am I to argue with those superlatives? NOBODY.

Click here to hear more Clientele songs at their official MySpace page.

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