July 30, 2005

Every once in a while something great comes out of that yonder land of William Wallace and, of course, Willie the Groundskeeper. This assumes you have already taken single-malt scotch out of the equation, because lets be honest, its the greatest thing Scotland has ever given the world.

However, a perfectly delectable pop band from Glasgow has recently caught the attention of John Stompio Greatest Hits, and warrants inclusion on this illustrious thing, whatever it is being called these days, that we have going on here. The band is commonly known as Dogs Die in Hot Cars.

Aside from having the greatest band name since Ratt and Dokken graced record store shelves, the band is pretty damn good. They have infectious little pop melodies which you will no doubt be humming to yourself quickly upon hearing them. JSGH(tm) first saw them on MTV2's Subterranean (gasp! MTV...good for something?), and immediately found myself running around to download as much as I could from them. Unfortunately, all I could find was this:

MP3- Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Glimpse at the Good Life

This little gem is kind of like a mix of Brit stalwarts Pulp and The Cure, except without the makeup and emo pretenses. I would say that that is a winning combination. The rest of the album is an entertaining hybrid of 80's new wave and ska.

There is another song, Lounger, which can be streamed from the band's website, and it is every bit as good as Glimpse at the Good Life. The band has one cd out, and are heading into the studio to start up work on their sophomore effort. Or you could just swipe it from us:

MP3- Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Lounger

Visit the band's official site here
Buy Please Describe Yourself here

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