January 18, 2006

Throw Your Arms Around Me

I really do hate to be redundant, but you'll have to trust me on this one. I very much wanted to write up a post this evening but fell short on song ideas because THIS SONG and different variations on it was about the only thing I listened to all day. In these instances of extreme circumstance it may be more benficial to go with the flow. Don't fight your instincts, baby. That's something you have to learn.

MP3 - Bloc Party - This Modern Love

More Bloc Party, as they're still my current kick. I'll try and spice things up by adding in the obligatory remix (off of the appropriately named Silent Alarm Remixed) done by two gentlemen named Dave P. and Adam Sparkles and a very interesting cover by Toronto's Final Fantasy, featuring looped violin samples and drums. You should really head on over to Copy, Right? and take a look at the video if you enjoy the song.

MP3 - Bloc Party - This Modern Love (Dave P. & Adam Sparkles' Making Time Remix)
MP3 - Final Fantasy - This Modern Love

Posted by dts at January 18, 2006 4:05 AM

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