January 16, 2006

Bastard Child of Guilt and Shame

MP3 - Bloc Party - Helicopter

"Helicopter" is the kind of song that you hear once or twice on MTV2 while flipping through your cable channels desperately seeking another episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit". And though it may not have seemed as enjoyable as the dynamic chemistry displayed by the tandem of Richard Belzer and Ice-T, you probably muttered to yourself "oh, that's nice, a rock song."

Then there it is again, perhaps weeks later, filling out the tail end of "The Tonight Show". "Oh my," you ask yourself, "what is this from? How... How is this happening?" But before your brain is able to piece together the frazzled neurons you so desperately seek, the moment is over. "Hey great job fellas!" says Jay, and you think to yourself, "why yes Mr. Leno... I agree."

And before you know it, it encompasses your every thought. You sing it everywhere you go. It finds its way onto every mix CD you burn. You put a copy on all 4 of your iPods. You're missing work and class just so that you can spend more time with Helicopter. You pawn off your Playstation 2 so that you can buy the new Silent Alarm Remix album.

I was driving home from a late practice one night when this song came on my mix CD. About two minutes into it I looked down and realized that I was so pumped up I was doing 70 in a 35. Any song that inspires such a reckless disregard for the law has to be special.

My obsession with the song has been prolonged in part due to a number of really good remixes that add a different spin to an already great song.

MP3 - Bloc Party - Helicopter (Whitey Version)

This version comes from the remix album of Bloc Party's Silent Alarm. It's a more raw and stripped down approach, and it may even be catchier than the original.

MP3 - Bloc Party - Helicopter (Allen Santa Monica Mix)

The antithesis of the original, this remix transforms the song into a relaxing laid back walk along the beach. It's an entirely different song, but just as good.

MP3 - Bloc Party - Helicopter (Allen Breakneck Mix)

This mix finds a way to kick the song up a notch by speeding up the drum beat and giving it an electronic feel.

MP3 - Bloc Party - Helicopter (Diplo Mix)

This takes the electronic feel to the next level and morphs it into a techno song. Which means it's probably much easier to dance to. Give it a try.

These are all rapidshare links which means they take a few seconds to get to, but they'll be up for at least a month. Of course, you can also get these files by using the Gmail account.

Visit the official site of the band here.
Buy the band's 2005 album Silent Alarm here
View the lyrics to "Helicopter" here.

Posted by dts at January 16, 2006 5:01 PM

Fantastic list of mp3s, I especially enjoyed Bloc Party - Helicopter (Whitey Version), although I'm a big fan of Alice Cooper's cover version too.

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I've heard the first album called 'Silent Alarm' and that album was pretty good. I like all kinds of music from techno to hip hop , alternative to metal and rock, so I know what sounds good and what doesn't. I'm also a music producer so I'm fairly experienced with sounds and production techniques. When I heard this album it sounded as if a child who just learnt about music production produced this album. It is by far and truly one of the worst albums this year. I've seen many people have given this album a five stars rating but if you like music that's not totally basic and boring, then this ALBUM IS NOT FOR YOU so don't waste your money. You have probably noticed that this website 'Amazon' has a lot of 'Used' copies of this album available. Guess why!

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