January 2, 2006


Dim Mak Records has hosted acts ranging from the up and coming Warp Records vehicle Battles to the recent smash Bloc Party album, Silent Alarm. I took a quick dig through their albums from a couple years back to find my first Stompio post. I ended up choosing a short 7 tracker from a trio named From Monument to Masses to whet your whistle for albums to come.

[Album] From Monument to Masses - The Impossible Leap in 100 Simple steps

When the yousendit explodes, you can grab it at your local internets, eMusic and iTunes.

This isn't brand new, so you will NOT be seeing it on your latest mp3blogroll. This album comes from 2003 when the events of the WTC attacks were still fresh in the minds of the world. It deserves to be listened to straight through, IMO any good album does. They take a cue from the El Ten Elevens of the world and go into the game with Godspeed sneakers. They include the minimal track of rapping which few have the balls or the chops to do anymore. How sad. Happy!

If you like this album, you can, in true Dim Mak fashion, pick up the remix album Schools Of Thought Contend, which JUST hit the streets.

Posted by dkordik at January 2, 2006 4:05 PM
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