September 10, 2005

Chemicals don't make me sick again

MP3 Of Montreal - Chemicals (Live @ The Abbey, Chicago, 9.2.2005)

It was sometime last August when highly reccomended blog You Ain't No Picasso posted a little snippet of a live version of a brand spanking new Of Montreal song. Having a dedicated interest in the band, I was highly intrigued.

The clip was from a new track that's tentatively being called "Chemicals" that the Athens, GA band has been using to open up shows on their current tour, and despite the fact that the quality of the song was ... just awful ... I instantly fell in love.

So I embarked upon a mission similar to those I've done before: to find a decent MP3 version of an unbelievably obscure song. I checked and rechecked YANP to no avail - it must not have been a hot topic. I skimmed over the official Of Montreal site - no go. Finally, I logged onto the E6 Town Hall, a forum focusing on Elephant 6 bands, and of course Of Montreal, and one of the users was just kind enough to pass along a live version of the song recorded at the bands recent show at the Abbey in Chicago, on 9.2.2005. I may even be breaking some code by sharing it in converted MP3 format. Forgive me.

The synth part is unimanginably hummable, and you'll find yourself whistling it at the most inopportune moments against your will. This rustic live recording will have to suffice until the band records its next album, which probably won't be until summer at the very earliest.

Here's a copy of the whole show in question, in BitTorrent format. I can't get the download to work for some reason, but you might be able to.

Here's another full show in BitTorrent format, this one recorded on 9.6.2005 in DeKalb. The first track is a different recording of the posted song, and if anyone can get the download to work, I'd love to have it.

Please remember, this file and all JSGH files will be available not only at the posted links but also through GMail, by logging into the official Stompio account (UN: johnstompio, PW: neverstops)

Thanks for listening.

Posted by dts at September 10, 2005 4:10 AM
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