September 8, 2005

Start of the dream

Oh, my oh my. What have we done? Where has the love gone?

To whom it may concern:

I've been a fool. I have made a huge mistake. I took you for granted, and now I fear that I may lose you forever. Please, come back to me. It will be different this time. I, I know I'm unreliable, and for that I'm sorry baby. That's just the way I am. I blame it on all those years on the road. Living day to day makes a man as unpredictable as a hound dog in a snowstorm. It also makes a man terrible at metaphors. But this time, this time I'll be round more. Every day. Right there when you need me. Just you call on my name sugar.

I really hope you'll give me another chance.

All my love,

The long summer months have passed. With school in session and a mighty juice pumping high speed internet connection at my disposal once again, John Stompio's musical musings will once again be transmitted straight to your homes through the power of THE INTERNET. Starting... NOW!

MP3 - The Arcade Fire - No Cars Go

Starting today, expect a song to be posted about once a day for the next month. If I miss a day, I'll throw in two the next post. I've also invited a few people to become regular contributors of the site and if you're a good friend of mine with good musical taste then yeah, I'm talking about you kiddo.

I'll kick off the new season with this gem from the Canadian band that all the cool kids are talking about, The Arcade Fire. Their 2004 release Funeral was all over the music blog circuit, and if you missed it, I'm sorry about that coma you were in I hope you're feeling better.

To download, follow link and follow instructions or log into John Stompio's personal Gmail account (UN: johnstompio, PW: neverstops)

View the lyrics for this song here.

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