May 28, 2005

This is such a pity

MP3 - Weezer - This Is Such a Pity

So what do you think of the new Weezer album? I've heard a lot of mixed reviews, but mostly the people who have said good things have said them in defense of all the hordes of negative comments. Myself, I was very underwhelmed, and I wasn't expecting much. I would have settled for being whelmed and moving on. Nothing really seemed to jump out and announce itself as a special song. Weezer has a very basic, simple sound, but they've always been great at making their songs special in spite of that. Right now Make Believe stands as a disappointment in that category. Still, I mean, there's not much "bad" about the album, and who knows, in a few years it will probably have that fine wine quality where it grows on you just a tiny bit every time you accidentally catch a few seconds of it. It could end up being the "cool" Weezer album to like. It's worth a shot.

This song however is one that took very little effort to fall in love with. Again, it's nothing outside of the norm from Weezer, but the norm can still be pretty darn good by my standards. I'll check back on the rest of the album in a few months to see how well its aged.

P.S. I just remembered that so far, the lyrics for these songs look really, really bad.

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Posted by dts at May 28, 2005 4:18 AM

The cool Weezer album to like will always be Pinkerton I think. But I actually think Make Believe is starting to grow on me already.

Posted by: Dan at May 28, 2005 1:18 PM

I liked it. Personally, This is Such a Pity was my fav on the album.

Posted by: Dave at May 28, 2005 9:24 PM
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