May 15, 2005

Bring me back to life, bring me back to love

It's only until school lets out for three wonderful months that you begin to realize that dial-up internet is an awful, awful idea unless you in fact somehow live in the year 1996. If you DO, might I suggest you go see The English Patient as it looks pretty good, and put some money on the Yankees, because they're on fire.

But back where I come from the technology is strikingly sluggish. I have to estimate that it took me more than a half hour to upload this song. How can this be!? We live in the future!!

MP3 The Doves - Snowden

Still, those 33 minutes subtracted from my lifespan are menaingless when considering the amounts of musical joy I'm sure any viewer of this page is sure to experience. I was all set to write up another song, a shiny bright happy tune to ring in the summer, and then it got to about 45 degrees and suddenly that became very inapropriate, but thankfully this loving tribute to apathy by Great Britain's own indie demi-gods The Doves came along to save the day. Snowden appears on The Doves' latest, Some Cities. It's also made me realize that if I could have a few people follow me around playing the bells, I'd probably be a happier person. Any volunteers? The Doves have been making fine music for half a dozen years now, and if you like this, you'd do well to check out their other releases.

And now, in the spirit of honoring apathy, I think I'll stop writing and go to sleep for about 14 hours.

View the lyrics for "Snowden" here.
Visit the official site fo The Doves here.
Sample more tracks from Some Cities here.
Buy Some Cities here.

Posted by dts at May 15, 2005 1:54 AM
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