May 1, 2005

April Rundown

Thanks to everybody who visited this month. Since most files are now outdated I've decided to repost the April selections into permanent links so that anyone who came here looking for something will be able to find it. I've also added in a few goodies related to earlier posts.

MP3 - Aimee Mann - That's How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart
MP3 - Of Montreal - So Begins Our Alabee
MP3 - Belle & Sebastian - Your Cover's Blown
MP3 - Sigur Ros - Avalon
MP3 - Matthew Good - Running For Home
MP3 - The Wrens - She Sends Kisses
MP3 - Apollo Sunshine - I Was On The Moon
MP3 - Lasse Lindh - Stuff
MP3 - The White Stripes - Blue Orchid
MP3 - The Go! Team - Huddle Formation
MP3 - The Go! Team - Bottle Rocket
MP3 - The Go! Team - Junior Kickstart
MP3 - Kenna - Hell Bent
MP3 - Ozma - Restart
MP3 - Jeff Buckley - Eternal Life
MP3 - Sufjan Stevens - Come On! Feel The Illinoise!

BONUS MP3 - Allison Crowe - Running For Home (Cover)
A beautiful interpretation featuring a piano and Crowe's beautiful voice.

BONUS MP3 - Apollo Sunshine - I Was On The Moon (Live)
This live version may or may not have been the version I originally posted. To be safe, I'm posting it again.

BONUS MP3 - Jeff Buckley - Eternal Life (Road Version)
The road version is significantly harder and faster. It's a good thing.

BONUS MP3 - Our Lady Peace - Eternal Life (Live Cover)
I do love the way they kick in to this. They did take some liberties with the lyrics that seem odd after listening to the original 6,000 times.

BONUS MP3 - Sebastian Bach - Eternal Life (Live Cover)
Apparently he's playing this at Disneyland? Sebastian Bach got a gig at Disneyland? If you've ever wonder what Sebastian Back thought of Mickey Mouse and the Easter Bunny, well wonder no more.

To download these files:
1. Click the link
2. Scroll to the bottom
3. Click "Free"
4. Download

Visit Allison Crowe's official site here, and download more of her beautiful music.
Visit Our Lady Peace's official site here.
Visit Sebastian Bach's official site here.

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