April 14, 2005

Give me the loving, give me the feeling, give me the touch

MP3 - Apollo Sunshine - I Was On The Moon

It was sometime last year, perhaps during Christmas break, when I got a call from my cousin Matt. When Matt calls me, he does so with a purpose. I checked the clock and saw that it was much later than usual for him to be calling my phone. When I answered he seemed awestruck. I ran outside, in the middle of winter mind you, to give my phone a fighting chance at sustaining service through the entire conversation. He wanted to know if I had ever heard of a band named Apollo Sunshine, I couldn't say that I had. He was disappointed, but happy to report that their live show was one of the best he has seen in recent memory, and coming from a man who knows his music, I was determined to find out if he was right. Apollo Sunshine have that perfect sound for fostering good vibrations. They make use of a wide variety of instruments and noises, and it all blends together in a bright tapestry that is great to listen to. "I Was On The Moon" appears on their latest album, Katonah.

MP3 - Lasse Lindh - The Stuff

God. This song is so simple and so very, very addictive. Lasse Lindh is a Swedish heart throb, and apparently, heart throbs in Sweden are required to actually be fairly good at their trade. I played this song about a dozen times the first week I had it. It just has this magical head nodding flow to it. It's as cool as it gets. If this is emo, someone should give the American kids a heads up. Kudos, Sweden. I'll never doubt you again. This song appears on Lindh's album You Wake Up At Sea Tac.

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