April 11, 2005

And all at once back doors blow open

MP3 - The Wrens - She Sends Kisses

It's not enough to listen to this one once. Oh, I don't mean it's one of those "you have to let it grow on you!" songs. I found something I liked in this instantly, and ithink a lot of people will. The lyrics are brilliant. The pace is methodical and well calculated. If I was to teach a class on the importance of building emotion properly and emphasizing dynamics in music, this would be the required text. It's a love song that slowly but inevitable derails the way that a lot of angst filled broken hearted folks keep reminding me. I don't like throwing 3 song who could all be interpreted as downers in a row. I was mulling over some peppy tracks to go with what has been a high spirited enjoyabble night/weekend, but man, I just got stuck on this. Everything else takes a back seat.

This is off The Wrens' latest album, The Meadowlands, released in 2003, and if the other 12 tracks are in the same ballpark it's well worth the money.

View the lyrics for this song here
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Posted by dts at April 11, 2005 5:02 AM
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