April 9, 2005

It's too late tonight

It's nearly 6 AM, and I've been through a long night of partying and recovery from partying. After most everyone else had gone off to sleep for a couple of hours I went into my usual routine of web surfing and music shuffling.

I don't allow myself to sleep until I've heard the right song, a song that sends me off to bed with a nice, mellow, contemplative feeling. I can't go to sleep after some loud punk song, I'm all riled up. I can't sleep well after a great dance song because i fidget in my bed. If the song is too catchy I'll just hum it for an hour and that gets me nowhere either.

MP3 - Sigur Ros - Avalon

A few nights ago I slid into bed after listening to "Avalon" by Sigur Ros. Sigur Ros is a wonderful band to listen to any time of day. It's great study/reading/paper writing music. This song is a great one, but completely out of place when preparing for a night of sleep. It left me with such a weird feeling that I was up an extra hour. I suppose that's an accomplishemnt, if it can get inside your head, that's the mark of a great song. It was just such an inopportune time to be feeling separated from the rest of the world. When it came up in the shuffle tonight, I looked at the clock and skipped it.

MP3 - Matthew Good Band - Running For Home

"Running For Home" by Matthew good is different. It's not a happy song, but I don't necessarily need to be bubbling when I'm about to sleep. You want that right mixture of serene hope that puts the past 24 hours to rest and leaves the door open for the next 24. In that sense, this song is perfect. It won't put a smile on your face, it will slow you down and allow you to call it a night and move on.

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