April 5, 2005


Well hello,

Recent research has indicated that 84% of the world currently owns and operates their own MP3 blog. My personal objective in this endeavor is to get that number closer to 84.001%

This little corner of the web will rarely touch on new ground, at least not for people in the know. But I like to think that somewhere in the world at every second of the day there is someone sitting in front of a computer screen thinking "i wish i had something new to listen to". Maybe, in your years of musical discovery and countless hours of experimentation, you've missed something! Maybe your favorite personal song in the entire world is a song you've yet to experience first hand! Maybe it's time to try some of that rock and roll music that the kids seem to like.

Most sites that feature songs do so in order to showcase new and exciting artists or under the radar acts. I can't plan on sticking to that formula. I'm not that creative. Consider familiar tracks that I mention here as friendly reminders, and consider unfamiliar names as worthy of a listen or 2.

On this page you'll see a lot of old favorites, a lot of new releases, a lot of covers, a lot of different sounds, a lot of tried and true sounds, a lot of sad music, a lot of happy music, a lot of good music, and a little bit of bad music. You'll see a lot of songs you've heard, and a lot of songs you should hear. As well, I'll do my best to point you in the right direction for other, better, more experienced, much more groundbreaking MP3 sites that you should be paying attention to.

Posted by dts at April 5, 2005 9:29 PM
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